To My Husband

January 22, 2021 1 min read

2021 is a year for healing and restoring, and your marriage also deserves a little extra work and love. Here are 5 very easy ways to make your husband feel extra special this week 🏼

1. Do one of his chores for him. Does he usually take out the trash or do the dishes? Give him a little night off tonight. 

2. Cook him his favorite dish. Make a regular dinner special by adding some candles. 

3. Get him a unique piece that symbolizes your love for him. A keychain with a picture of the two of you is a small, easy way to do this. 

4. Offer to let him pick out his favorite movie for you both to watch together. You know, the one he’s been wanting to show you forever but didn’t sound so appealing…

5. Write him a letter and put it in your own mailbox. An old fashioned, hand-written love letter is underrated and can go a long way. 

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